Beauty & Grooming

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For those who adore cosmetics, especially women, the word makeup, though small, has a lot of significance.
Women enjoy playing around with their appearances. If applied correctly, makeup can actually draw attention. When you attend a party or other event, having the ideal makeup becomes crucial. Whether you're new to makeup or have been experimenting with cosmetics for some time, it's important to have a variety of essential makeup products that may help you create a go-to style statement. Continue reading to view my list of essential face makeup products. Continue reading to learn about the essentials for your face, eyes, and lips, as well as the tools I use for applying and storing makeup.

eye liner

Eyeliner and mascara both offer that extra something to make your cosmetic look stand out. If you have pale skin, consider using brown or dark grey eyeliner instead of the more popular black. One of the preferred methods of application is to draw a thin line at the lash line and extend it slightly beyond the eye. Line the waterline with it if you truly want to make your eyelashes appear bigger. Even eye pencils and kohl are available that are made specifically for this delicate area.

perfumes for men and women

We offer some of the top fragrance brands on Myntra. A variety of flowery, woody, musky, and spicy scents are available, to name a few. A body mist is available for daily freshness. Alternately, choose a deodorant to cover up body odour in the heat. Select from a variety of captivating scents for special events. The scent you wear has the capacity to convey your individuality in the best possible way. Wear a sharp suit and a woodsy men's scent to a formal function. Regardless of your personal style, our distinctive scents can boost it to entirely new heights. Shop online at Myntra to get the top scent compositions for both men and women.

Razor Foams

For many people, shaving every day is a chore, but with the appropriate shaving foam, it may be simpler than you think. It's crucial to take your skin type and hair structure into account when selecting a shaving foam. Depending on how quickly, closely, and comfortably you want to shave as well as how you feel about pain, there are various types of shavers available. But in the end, it all boils down to what you can utilise most easily and what will provide the outcomes you want.


Shampoo is a hair care product that cleans our hair and is often sold in liquid form. To get desired results and benefits, such as damaged and dandruff-free hair, smoother, nourished hair, and healthy roots, shampoos must be massaged into wet hair.

 hair oil

Hair oil is full of essential fatty acids that support healthy hair growth, nourish hair roots, and revitalise the scalp. Hair oil is necessary.

luxurious cosmetics

Due to its elegant packaging and premium materials, luxury makeup products make getting ready even more joyful. You will soon be Amal Clooney gallivanting through Venice on her wedding day with a gold-encrusted lipstick tube here and a shimmering makeup pallet there. There is no better way to indulge in luxury than with cosmetics because it provides us happiness and comfort. Is a Birkin bag currently out of your price range? The infamous Kelly handbag-inspired Hermès Rouge bullet lipstick can make up for it.

Dryer Ultra Light Pro

It is the renowned ionic hair dryer, and it works quickly and effectively (like 94 mph winds fast). This mint-green blowdryer is the greatest buddy of heat-styling enthusiasts and a favourite in the industry since it dries hair fast, quietly, and with the least amount of frizz and damage. At least it will be swift if it is going to be scorching.

Rose Gold Cream
This serum uses 24-karat gold technology and is more gold than rose. It makes your skin feel like silk while firming, moisturising, and plumping it. When I use peptide-based formulas like this one, I always find a quick, significant improvement in the smoothness and luminosity of my skin, but I think this one could be my favourite because of the amazing tuberose aroma.

Skin Primer

Although some people don't think using a face primer is important, for me, it is an essential step in my makeup procedure. Although the precise effects of face primers on your skin and makeup can differ, keeping your skin smooth and your makeup looking fresh all day long is their major goal. There is a primer for every skin type, whether you're looking for something to hydrate, even out uneven texture, regulate oil and/or acne, or colour correct.


The trickiest part of doing makeup is choosing the foundation since you have to take into account not just the level of coverage you want—sheer/natural, medium, or full—but also the undertones and skin type you have.


Concealer is a need whether you suffer from acne, dark undereye circles, or any other type of discoloration. Depending on how much you want to conceal, concealers come in full-coverage and sheerer-coverage formulations; you should choose one of these.


I personally never leave blush out of my makeup process because it can have such a significant impact on how you look as a whole. Blush is particularly important if you're using a foundation that provides more dense coverage, as this can occasionally make your skin look a little bit flat.


Eyeshadow is, along with highlighter, my favourite cosmetic item, mostly because there are so many various shades, finishes, and applications for it. I personally favour purchasing individual eyeshadows over eyeshadow palettes because I don't have to worry about spending money on colours I won't use. (For particular product recommendations, see our guide to the best eyeshadows.) However, I would absolutely consider purchasing one of the Urban Decay Naked Palettes, all of which are excellent for beginners, if I didn't already have comparable single tones.


There is no denying that lipstick is having a tremendous moment right now, whether you choose a liquid or bullet formula or a glossy, satin, or matte finish.
Beginners should start with a lip colour that is similar to their natural lip colour because it is the simplest to apply and remove.