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Equipment of Cricket

Because cricket is a bat-and-ball sport, the players are required to wear protective gear in order to avoid injury. This chapter will go over all of the important gear and equipment that players use while playing the game.
A bat is a beautifully carved piece of equipment made of special wood, with a handle on top to hold and play with. These vary in weight and size depending on the batsman's age and needs.

It is a spherical object covered in leather and made of cork. The cork ball is surrounded by two pieces of leather that are stitched together. The ball is red for test matches and white for ODI and T20 matches.

To protect the fingers from injury, these are worn on both hands. To fit perfectly, cloth and leather are stitched together in the shape of fingers and palms. For added protection, the glove's inner side has finger gaps with cork tips.

When compared to keeper gloves, this gear has a similar shape but is smaller and softer on the outside. It is used to keep the bat firmly in place. The glove's finger area is reinforced with a hard sponge on the outside.

Baseball helmet

Polypropylene structure that is lightweight
EVA liner with high density protection.
moulded ear cushions.
Steel face guard with polyester textile covering, powder coated.

Cricket Shoes

Cricket Shoes The DSC Beamer X cricket shoe is dependable, light, and incredibly long-lasting. The finest level of comfort is provided by its modern design. The upper and soles of these cricket shoes are made of textured PVC, which is quite durable. For the best performance on the ground, use the best technologies.

Colt Kit

Bat, Ball, Bag, Batting Gloves, and Batting Pads Are Included in the Colt Kit Kit. made from premium PVC with a high quality PVC front and medium density foam inside the finger rolls.
built specifically for soft tennis ball cricket

Boys' and Men's T-Shirts

Dry fit method for 100% polyester yarn for sweet absorption. Pride PMC cloth will be produced in India.

Batting gloves

For a batsman's security and defence, our cricket batting leg-guards are a must-have. We provide a wide variety of cricket pads that feature well-known professional brand names. Cricketers who purchase at Cricket Direct compete at various levels, from the local park to the professional circuit. As a result, we make sure to offer the best selection of batting pads online. Shop for cricket batting pads for adults, kids, and women today and gain the self-assurance you need to face any bowler.

cricket bats

cricket bats will rule the batting crease! Browse CricketDirect's amazing and unmatched selection of cricket bats online. As the first online retailer of cricket bats, we take great satisfaction in providing you with only the best cricket bats from well-known brands throughout the world, like Gray-Nicolls, Gunn & Moore, Kookaburra, Adidas, MRF, TON, New Balance, DSC, Newberry & SG. Our extensive selection of senior cricket bats and junior cricket bats offers unrivalled options as you look to improve your performance with tools that have been tried and tested by experts around the world. The perfect cricket bat can improve your performance and self-assurance, allowing you to perform at your peak every time you go up to the crease.

Cricket Balls

Cricket Balls Our extensive variety of cricket balls features a range of calibres, hues, and functions. There are many different types of balls available, including soft cricket balls, indoor cricket balls, tennis-style cricket balls, training balls, swing balls, and high-quality leather cricket balls.

Cricket Defense

By ordering necessary cricket protection online from Cricket Direct UK, you may be ready for the cricketing conflict. Batting gloves, batting pads, and a cricket helmet are standard equipment, but you need also wear a thigh guard, arm guard, and cricket box to ensure you are adequately protected from those nasty fast bowlers. More cricket players are also choosing to purchase chest guards. Cricket defence increases security. Confidence is increased by safety. Performance is sparked by confidence. Purchase cricket safety gear right now.

Cricket Equipment

In addition to personal items like batting shorts, abdomen guards, and briefs, our selection of cricket accessories also includes training and game-day gear. Although they are simple to overlook, these supplies are necessary for good practise and efficient protection. Buy now!
, as well as equipment for training and games, such as batting shorts, abdomen guards, and briefs. Although they are simple to overlook, these supplies are necessary for good practise and efficient protection. Buy now.

Keeping Wicket

This equipment is durable! Cricket Direct offers high-quality, reasonably priced cricket wicket-keeping equipment, including wicket-keeping gloves, inners, and wicket-keeping pads, to wicket keepers of all skill levels worldwide. Discover the best selection of wicketkeeping equipment online, including products from well-known cricket companies that will help you grasp those opportunities. Make sure you have the best wicket keeping gloves and pads for the task when a game-winning catch or stumping is on the line.