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Handmade businesses are growing in popularity. But, before you start your own handmade business, you must first create some handmade items to sell. There are numerous categories available that can assist you in attracting buyers on platforms such as Etsy, india online shopping mart, or even your own ecommerce shop. Here are some popular handmade items that you can sell on the internet.

Custom-made jewellery

Simply putting beads on a wire to make bracelets or necklaces is all it takes to make your own handcrafted jewellery. Jewelry makers can also purchase affordable materials to create earrings, pendants, lockets, and other accessories to sale locally or online.

Custom-made Soap

You can make your own homemade soaps and bath bombs to sell at craft shows or in an internet shop if you have the necessary supplies. To give your creations a competitive edge, you may even add specific fragrances and essential oils to bar soaps, liquid soaps, and bath bombs.

Personalized Wall Art

If you enjoy painting, you may put your creations on canvas and market the wall art online or at local craft fairs or galleries. You can even turn your homemade creations into prints that you can sell to make more money off of a single design.

Ceramic tea cups with custom paintings

This item is not made of bone china.

- The ceramic's hand-painted design won't fade over time.

- Because the product is handpainted, there may be a small difference in the pattern and colour. As the glazing is done inside a furnace that is heated to 1155 degrees Celsius to make the product sturdy, there may also be a slight variation in the glazing/color/finish on the product. Additionally, because studio glazing has a natural tendency to vary in colour, it is impossible to predict the colour of the glazing/finish that will eventually appear on the product after the firing process.

With Sheesham Wooden Frame, Handpainted Pots

The eight pots in the warli varied set of multicoloured handpainted pots have been artistically arranged on a sheesham hardwood frame to bring colour and life to your wall. When arranging the pots in the frame, their distinctive shapes were also taken into account.

Hand-Blocked Pink Palace

Use this carefully chosen cushion cover as an accent for your décor to add elegant Palace Pattern Handblocked design that will instantly make your house stand out.

The premium polyster silk fabric has a modern self-print design that is handcarved employing the traditional Indian skill of handblock printing using wooden blocks.

These exquisite handblock printed cushion designs were painstakingly created by talented artisans.

The cushion has an invisible zipper and a pink tint on the back. These covers are nice to the touch and simple to maintain because they are made from high-quality polyester silk material. This lovely pillow or cushion cover will bring sophistication and elegance to your living room or bedroom.

Cotton Table Mats with Hand Block Prints

Set of six table mats from the "The Emperor's Flowers" series has been hand block printed by expert craftspeople from India's nooks and crannies. An age-old technique for printing fabric is hand block printing. To replicate stunning, one-of-a-kind artwork, the process uses carved wooden blocks that are dipped in dye. The table mats are light, airy, and delicate to the touch because they are constructed of 100% pure cotton. Each mat's hand block printed designs, which depict elaborate Mughal floral themes of gorgeous blooming flowers and vines in light pastel colours, preserve the magnificence of the former Mughal era.

Wall Light

The Wall light is ideal for adding an artisanal touch to your walls that is both raw and finished. Lighting-wise, jute is a dependable material. The holder is made of natural wood, and the lamp shade is handwoven in a straightforward horizontal orientation. It serves as a source of ambient lighting in the space while capturing the sense of traditional artistic craft created by talented artisans.

Hanging Wall Art Made Of Recycled Wood

This wall decoration features a combination of Indian artistic styles. The sleek and round shape of the wall paintings gives your walls a beautiful appearance. It is expertly constructed with Acrylic Paints on an MDF Base and meticulously hand-painted.