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Collection of Boys Sportswear

For boys, sports wear is the most popular and favoured category. Its comfort and appearance work in concert to explain why. Yes, the items in the boys sports wear category are fashionable and suitable for both formal occasions and more laid-back trips. Being a parent makes it simple for you to choose them because one item of clothing can fit multiple purposes. Additionally, because they are constructed entirely of cotton, they can be washed without any extra care and dried rapidly. You have the practical choice to choose from the several categories offered by Cub McPaws.

Cotton track pants for boys

The green and grey track pant is one of the most popular items in the Boys Sports Wear category. It is offered for children between the ages of 4 and 12 and features elastic at the bottom to make it more comfortable. You wouldn't want to lose out on a consumer because it is also offered at a steep discount.

Classic polo shirt for boys

Boys place a high value on polo t-shirts because of its comfort and style. One of the most popular designs on the website is our navy blue polo shirt. It is the colour of choice for both parents and children because it is the most striking.


Studies have shown that younger children should wear cotton-based clothing because of their delicate skin, which makes them more susceptible to rashes and other skin conditions. Thus, cotton is the fabric with the lightest weight and best heat protection. Along with other synthetic fabrics, it is also renowned for its ability to trap air between layers for optimal protection against the cold. Additionally, we make it simple for you to shop with us by crafting each of our categories from 100 percent cotton to rank high on your preferences.

athletic shoes

Sports shoes that are cosy and durable are a must-have for any shoe collection. These are the ideal choice for children to play with and are available for both boys and girls. Your child won't twist an ankle while running around because to their supportive and durable sole. Sports shoes are a popular type of footwear for children and come in a variety of colours. Kids adore superheroes and Disney characters, and the same print and style are now available on sports shoes. Purchase the newest children's footwear at Meesho to expand your collection of children's shoes.

Kids' Sports Glasses

With our selection of the Best Sports Glasses for Kids, you can pick frames for your child athlete's preferred sport, whether it be baseball, soccer, mountain biking, or lacrosse. Our list of the best kids' athletic glasses features a wide range of alternatives, from robust, impact-resistant kids' sunglasses with shatterproof lenses to high-tech polarised shades with an attached head strap. Continue reading to learn more about children's eyewear from reputable companies like Wiley X Youth Force, New Balance Kids, and Under Armor.

dependable sports t-shirt

A great, sturdy sports t-shirt is a win-win if your child frequently plays outside and on the ground. These t-shirts are made of a particular fabric that facilitates sweating while preventing the entry of many dust particles.

jogging pants

Another item of sportswear that we are all familiar with is the track pant. Tracksuits are quite comfortable and adaptable. But a track pant's material is most crucial while the child is playing at home, as it is at this time of year. A good option is a pair of cotton track pants.

sports shorts

a really wonderful method to get them moving is using sports shorts. They can move their legs comfortably and effectively while playing thanks to the sport shots.

sports polo shirt

The polo sports t-shirt is last but certainly not least. A finer collar on a polo shirt keeps the child comfy as they play.


Purchasing a superior set of children's soccer gloves is not a form of cheating the system. With a secure grip and cushioning that lessens the impact of quick shots, young keepers positioned between the two sticks can drastically improve their game. When children twist, hop, and grab for those shot-stopping opportunities, it is much simpler to catch and manage the ball with soccer gloves. Reinforced finger supports in children's goalie gloves assist prevent fingers from becoming overextended, yet there is no silver bullet to stop injuries. Extra-grippy components and wrist wrap support promote innovation on the fly so that keepers may confidently strike the ball like their favourite professionals.