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Living Room Furniture

Living room furniture for smaller spaces is also available at Best Price Mall. Instead of a sofa set, you might choose living room chairs. They'd look great arranged around a tiny coffee table. You can also choose an L-shaped living room sofa to fill in the corners while still leaving plenty of room in the middle. A flower vase or an indoor fountain can be added to the living room table. If you have enough space, a modern living room TV unit or a living room TV cabinet can be used to create a separate entertainment area. For some amazing shoe cabinet designs, have a look at the side tables for the living room featured on Best Price Mall.

Fuse modern and contemporary

The best rooms occasionally combine two slightly dissimilar yet complementing styles. Designer Emily Henderson combined both modern and contemporary elements to create this room. The accent chairs and drapes provide a contemporary flourish, while the couch and light fixtures have a more modern aesthetic.

A Cozy & Comfortable Sofa

One of the most crucial components of any living space is a nice sofa. It's where most visitors will spend the majority of their time, and it's where you'll spend a lot of time relaxing while watching TV or spending time with your family. It's crucial to purchase a sofa that meets your demands. A small yet stylish sofa is better suited to couples or individuals who are more private and prefer to unwind and recharge at home. A wide, comfortable sofa is perfect for large families and people who frequently host parties and social gatherings.

Lamps & Lighting

With lovely décor, furnishings, and furniture, good lighting can be the icing on the cake. Since it highlights features you believe are worth highlighting, your lighting figuratively ensures that your property is shown in the finest possible light. Invest in a variety of lighting fixtures for your living room to ensure that your home is well-lit. To add elegance to your room, invest in multi-level lighting, including floor lamps, votives, wall lamps, sconces, tea light holders, accent lighting, and even footlights.

Cabinetry and Storage

Without storage room, what is a house? What's that? Empty! It is always a good idea to spend money on additional storage because having it is preferable to not having it. In our opinion, if you choose magnificent cabinetry that matches the rest of your furniture, your storage can look elegant and stylish. Consider consoles that are roomy enough to store essential documents, bar units with shelves within, and sleek TV units with lovely drawers.

Accent Chair

The ideal chair to select combines comfort with tasteful style. However, you typically have to choose between the two. For example, a living room recliner will be more comfortable than a living room sofa. On the other hand, a wingchair, armchair, or accent chair is made for design. The addition of an accent chair to your living room furnishings will brighten the space and make a lovely statement.

Wingback Chair

Areas where you might read or unwind alone because the wings can screen out some of the view and some noise. A wingback chair is immediately recognised by its recognisable, tall back, which has wings on either side, encircling the occupant. The wings give the sitter a quiet space that's ideal for reading or other activities where you would want to blot out the outside world. On the other hand, this means that they are not the best for gathering or conversation places. Wingback chairs come in a wide range of historic, contemporary, and futuristic design options.

Chaise Lounge

Places where you want to relax or take a nap. The size of the chaise couch is more suited to homes with more space. A chaise lounge is a long, elongated chair with a footrest for the user to relax in. A chaise lounge frequently has its back reclined, which places the body in a comfortable, semi-lying position. Since these chairs have huge dimensions, using them in smaller living rooms may look crowded or odd.


A chic ottoman may give your home a lovely, vintage feel. They can also be used as footstools or simply as chairs. An ottoman would be a wonderful addition for youngsters to play on if you have some at home. If you don't have a distinct room for a coffee table, you can alternatively utilise an ottoman as one. A common style of chair with a cute design, a classic shape, and additional, useful storage space is the ottoman. With no back or arms, ottomans like the Furniture Loric ottoman can be used as a footrest or an extra surface. Kids also enjoy sitting on ottomans because they make for comfortable, bouncy chairs.

Lounge Chair

Nothing compares to the comfort and style of a lounge chair. One of the most adaptable pieces of furniture you can purchase is a lounge chair. In every room you utilise it in, you'll have enough room to work or relax. Its versatility as a reading chair or a work chair is evident. A lounge chair gives the living area personality and character while also improving its aesthetic appeal. Choose from a variety of lounge chairs at

Coffee Table

If you choose the appropriate one, a coffee table can fulfil a variety of functions. If your living room is small, you can choose one with several storage drawers. Additionally, coffee tables serve as decorative objects. You can also purchase simple models to display sculptures and miniature flora. To fit your aesthetic, they are available in a large variety of designs and styles. Your sofa set can be complemented with a modest coffee table to complete the style of the living area.


You spend a lot of time making memories with your loved ones in your living room. The space also reveals something about your personality and sense of style to others. Make sure your furniture selection creates a positive first impression. High-quality living room furniture built of premium materials is offered by Reach out to us to collaborate on designing your ideal living room!