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Find your ideal travel companion, whether you're going on a business trip or going on a weekend getaway. You can choose from a variety of eye-catching luggage bags in a variety of colours and designs to suit your specific travel needs. Pack your elaborate formal ensembles for a destination wedding in pretty red luggage bags with padded interiors and different compartments for various belongings.

Types of Luggage:-

Suitcases and Trolley Bags

Suitcases and Trolley Bags are excellent choices for smart travel. They are the ideal combination of style and functionality. The rotating sturdy wheels on your trolley bags will allow you to move them around with ease. These bags are the best option for both frequent and solo travellers. Your trolley bags can hold your gadgets, clothes, and other necessities, making them indispensable travel accessories.

Duffle Bag

The duffle bag is a large, cylinder-shaped travel bag that comes in a variety of sizes. Previously, the fabric used to make these sturdy bags was sourced from the lovely Belgian town of Duffel. The bag was widely used during the Second World War due to its durability. The travel duffle bag is now a popular fashion accessory among both men and women.

American Vacationer

Traveling is made incredibly pleasant and hassle-free with American Tourister's renowned travel bags, which are in a class of their own. American Baggage Works was founded in Providence, Rhode Island, USA, in 1933 by brothers Sol and Irving Koffler. Astrum International eventually purchased the company, which now owns the Samsonite luggage brand. There are several possibilities available here. Regardless of what you're looking for, this brand will undoubtedly satisfy all your requirements.

A safari bag

Safari is all about the journey, as the name would imply. The second-largest seller globally, it is one of the greatest travel bag manufacturers. In 1974, Bombay Safari Industries India (SIIL) was founded as a company to produce plastic-molded luggage. In 1980, it changed its status to a private limited company, and in February 1986, to a public limited corporation. Safari travel bags are at your service whether you occasionally travel for business or pleasure.

Backpacks from Wildcraft

Bangalore-based Wildcraft is an Indian clothing and accessory company. 4,000 multi-branded merchants and more than 200 unique outlets around the nation and abroad sell the company's products. It offers you a wide selection of affordable, peppy travel bags and luggage. They are also high-quality, performance-driven devices that are unquestionably a great travel companion.

A VIP case

The largest producer of luggage and travel accessories in India is VIP Industries. It is the second-largest maker in the world and has its headquarters in Mumbai, India. This company has more than 8,000 retail locations around the nation and is well known for its high-quality goods and convenient accessibility. People who prefer to travel in style choose the company because of its wide selection of stylish alternatives. You can also look at the list of top laptop bag companies in India as well as the best travel accessories here.

Sky Bags

Skybags, a division of the 1971-founded VIP Industries, has held the top position in the world for almost 50 years. It produces a wide variety of high-quality products, including trolleys, backpacks, rucksacks, duffels, everyday travel accessories, and necessities for short trips. This brand is unquestionably the best option for anyone who enjoy making a fashion statement wherever they go.


Jesse Shwayde founded Samsonite in 1910, and the company is still a well-recognized name in the market. It is a U.S.-based luggage producer and merchant that creates everything from large bags to modest briefcases and toiletry packs. It has consistently worked to inspire travellers with cutting-edge designs and strived to give customers durable, strong, and lightweight bags for convenience when travelling.

luggage made by Dussle Dorf

An Indian luggage company called Dussle Dorf is situated in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, and is best known for its wide selection of school bags, laptop bags, and duffle bags for travel. It provides inexpensive bags in roomy styles that will keep all of your possessions safe and secure. The greatest quality bags, which are crafted with attention to even the smallest details, may be found here. This model is ideal if you want a high utility bag without sacrificing appearance.