Handmade Lighting

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Handmade Lighting

A lampshade is a fixture that covers the lightbulb on a lamp to diffuse the light it emits. Lampshades can be made out of a wide variety of materials like paper, glass, fabric or stone. Usually conical or cylindrical in shape, lampshades can be found on floor, desk, tabletop, or suspended lamps. The term can also apply to the glass hung under many designs of ceiling lamp. Beyond its practical purpose, significant emphasis is also usually given to decorative and aesthetic features. A lamp shade also serves to "shade" human eyes from the direct glare of the light bulbs used to illuminate the lamp. Some lamp shades are also lined with a hard-backed opaque lining,[1] often white or gold, to reflect as much light as possible through the top and bottom of the shade while blocking light from emitting through the walls of the shade itself. In other cases, the shade material is deliberately decorative so that upon illumination it may emphasize a display of color and light emitting through the shade surface itself.

Ceramic tea light holders with custom painting

The "Shimmering Mughals" tea light holder set is made up of 6 ceramic circular holders and is part of the "Mughal-e-Zahra" collection. This distinctive set of tea light holders, which comes in ink-blue and white, is hand-painted delicately by our artists with geometric Mughal patterns, making it a perfect present for housewarming events and special occasions. The "Shimmering Mughals" is the ideal home accessory to utilise for illuminating your home's interiors and creating a conducive environment so that your homes can become engaged with the vibrations of love, zeal, and culture.

Hanging Tea-Light Holder Made of Glass and Iron

A tealight holder called "Rustic Crystal" is part of the "Rustic Patina Wonders" collection. One red coloured glass tea light is included in this handcrafted iron piece with a very unique design. It was lovingly made and meticulously painted by expert artists in patina, giving the appearance of old, faded paint. "Rustic Crystal" is the ideal tea-light holder, formed of irin wires with a worn-out appearance, to illuminate your ceilings and serve as an embodiment of wisdom, love, and serenity while bringing happiness and wealth into your home.

Holding a terracotta tea light

Perfect for creating a peaceful ambience in a living room.
- The intricate owl cutwork creates stunning patterns through light diffusion.
- The owl-shaped tea light holder was expertly hand-carved.
- Can also be utilised as a pen stand, curios, or ornamental pieces.
- Made by hand from terracotta.
- Handpainted in yellow and mud brown.
- Sized at 4.3€ (L), 4.3€ (W), and 4.5€ (H) inches.
- Perfect for giving your favourite areas an auspicious vibe.

Tea-light holders made of hand-carved blocks

A set of hand-crafted tea-light candle holders in the style of paisleys from the "Artisanal Blocks of India" collection was named "Glimmering Paisley" and was modelled after the actual wooden blocks used in ancient India to make patterns on cloth. Skillful hands delicately engrave designs onto flat, smooth blocks of wood. These blocks are then hand-painted, emphasising the authenticity of the blocks with a subtle colour scheme of white and brown. Finally, they are hand-polished with wax to add lustre. This beautiful small memento can transport you back in time because it is reminiscent of ancient civilization and serves both practical and aesthetic purposes.

Iron hanging candlestick

A red and brown tealight and pillar candle holder with an iron door pattern and tassel is called "Rustic Mughal Door" from the "Rustic Patina Wonders" series. It was lovingly made and meticulously painted by expert artists in patina, giving the appearance of old, faded paint. The "Rustic Mughal Door" is the ideal tea-light and pillar candle holder, constructed of hand-etched iron with a weathered finish, to illuminate your ceilings and serve as an embodiment of wisdom, love, and peace while bringing happiness and wealth into your home.

Round Table Lamp Shaped Like A Pot, Hand Painted

The exquisite circular pot-shaped lampshade known as "Warli In Light" is expertly handcrafted in terracotta and hand-painted with fine details by craftsmen from the interiors of India. It also functions as an ethnic tabletop accent. The base of this lamp has been hand-adorned with little patches of rustic paintings of tribal landscapes that evoke a sense of celebration and joy, drawing inspiration from the Warli tribe's indigenous art. The lamp's artistic shape of a tapered circular body and flat base, rich crimson red on the base, and lovely pastel blue neck and yellow rim are beautifully complimented by an off-white polyvinyl-wrapped cotton shade covered in various detailed hand-painted vivid colours.

Hand-painted tea-light holder by Tales

The "Shankh Tea Light Holder," from the "The Warli Tales" series, is influenced by cut work patterns and has highly accurate contrast flower patterns painted on it. To achieve optimum durability and polish, these pots are manufactured on a wheel, hand-trimmed, baked at 900 degrees Celsius, and painted precisely.

Garden Decorative Showpiece Light Holder

From the "Farm Fables 2" collection, the quirky "Homely Hen" tea light holder and garden showpiece is inspired by the active farm life. The figurine, which depicts a pretty black, red, and yellow hen with exquisite feathers, conjures up images of lush green fields and the clucking of hens. It was expertly constructed from sheet metal and handpainted with vivid, alluring colours by talented artisans from rural India. The ideal tea light holder to provide an enticing rustic character to your living areas is this unique piece. Not only that, but it also serves as a decorative accent for the home or a unique gift for friends and family.

Custom-made aroma diffuser

The newest trend in every home for a persistent perfume effect is this brilliant red hand painted clay aroma oil diffuser. Due to the cutwork on this tea light, the light it emits has a floral pattern. The diffuser has been beautifully painted by hand to emphasise its attractiveness.