Infant & Toddler Beds

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Infant & Toddler Beds

A toddler bed is a small bed made specifically for children under the age of three. Around one and a half or two years of age, a child is capable of escaping an infant bed, at which point they are frequently moved to a toddler bed. [1] Between the ages of five and seven years, they will outgrow their toddler bed and shift to a regular bed.

Instead of being totally enclosed like an infant bed, toddler beds typically include modest side rails (cot sides, perhaps removable) on each side to prevent accidental rolling out while sleeping.

A toddler bed is low to the ground to allow the occupant safe and simple entry and exit. A toddler bed's mattress is frequently the same size as an infant bed's. Toddler beds typically measure 70 centimeters (28 inches) by 140 centimeters (55 inches) to 78 centimeters (31 inches) by 180 centimeters (71 in). As toddlers learn to voice their choices, licensed or themed beds are offered to cater to their interests (for example, a racing car bed).

An infant bed (also known as a cot in British English and a crib or cradle in American English, or considerably less usually, stock) is a small bed designed specifically for infants and young children. Infant beds are a relatively new invention designed to keep a standing child contained. Infant beds have a cage-like construction that confines the youngster to the bed. Children can climb out between the ages of one and two and are moved to a toddler bed to avoid a damaging fall when exiting the bed.

Orbelle Trading Gray Padded Toddler Bed

The toddler bed has a tufted grey footboard and headboard with buttons that resemble crystals inlaid, giving it a posh appearance. The headboard and footboard contain foam inserts for comfort and safety, and the frame is composed of solid oak for longevity. The bed's dimensions of 53x30x28in provide the child plenty of room to move around.

Delta Children Interactive Wood Toddler Bed

A spinner-based interactive clock is mounted on the front guard rail. There is also a planner with things a toddler should do before going to bed, such put on pyjamas, brush their teeth, and read a tale. To make nighttime enjoyable for the toddler, mark the activities with an erasable marker.

Toddler Bed Tent

We're all in favour of toddler bed tents since kids adore them. After all, if your child is content and secure in a sleeping environment, he won't be keeping a careful eye on you when you try to slink out of the room after reading him a story. Normally, these tents are sold separately from the beds, however if your son adores Cars (or even just cars), you might want to think about this Cars Toddler Bed. It includes its own larger-than-normal bed tent with Lightning McQueen. This two-for-one offer is extremely lightweight because it is made largely of plastic.

Toddler Travel Bed

The KidCo Peapod toddler bed is one of the most convenient travel companions if you're looking for the best toddler beds to bring along.  During visits to relatives' houses, my niece sleeps in one and regards it as her personal haven.

Crib-to-Toddler Bed

The Gonatt, which has just one more component, is our favourite. When the time comes to remove the front railing from the crib, just attach it to the crib to make it sturdy. Additionally, it has three drawers, which are ideal for linens and lightweight blankets.

Rustic Toddler Bed

If you believe that the greatest toddler beds are those with wonderful design, rather than those with images from TV shows or movies, there is no need to pay extra money. The DaVinci Sleigh Toddler Bed is made of environmentally friendly pine and is designed to resemble a full-size bed in toddler size. It costs approximately the same but is significantly more elegant than toddler beds with licenced characters, with a gorgeous curving headboard and footboard.

Toddler Canopy Bed

The bow-tied options from Delta Children's may be difficult for toddler girls to choose from. The Disney Princess Toddler Bed, which is extremely pink and features a tonne of Disney women, from Rapunzel to Cinderella, is another option in addition to the purple and turquoise Disney Frozen toddler bed, which features Elsa and the crew.

Modern Toddler Bed

The most stylish of the top toddler beds is the Hampshire model from Land of Nod. It is composed of sturdy solid poplar and, despite its sophisticated appearance, can fit a crib mattress.

Toddler Solid Wood Platform Bed

Without hesitation, this toddler bed converts to a playhouse. Because of its strong hardwood construction, your child will be able to play inside of it for a very long time after they have finished using it as a bed.