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Hand Tool Nippers

A hand tool called a nipper is used to bite off little pieces of tile to cut around curved surfaces. A nipper is similar to a pair of pliers in that it has two handles joined at an angle. The key distinction is that a nipper's jaws have cutting edges. Tile installers most frequently use nippers for smaller jobs where it is impractical to set up a saw or operate a grinder.


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Pliers, wire cutters, and combination pliers are tools used when gripping or cutting thin wires and the like. They are used in precision situations such as electric construction, machine repair, and work with electronic devices. Pliers are used for almost the same purposes as combination pliers. They differ from combination pliers in that the tip part can open wide to handle fat wire or pipes as well. Wire cutters are tools for cutting metal wire and the like, products not for grasping objects. Combination pliers can cut thin wires and the like with their blade part and hold items with the tip part. Ordinary pliers, wire cutters, and combination pliers are each specialized for different work. Different ones are used according to the application by preparing a size that is easy to use.Combination pliers have a blade portion for cutting small wires and the like and a tip portion for holding objects. Wire cutters, regular pliers, and combination pliers are all designed for certain tasks. By creating a size that is convenient to utilise, different ones are used depending on the application.