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A piano is a keyboard musical instrument with wire strings that produce sound when struck by felt-covered hammers that are controlled by a keyboard. It is also known as a pianoforte.

Music stand light:

If, like many of us, you have to squint to see your music in all its glorious details as the daylight fades, this music stand light is just what you need. This battery-powered clip-on light allows you to adjust the brightness and height and, thankfully, is extremely energy efficient.


If you own either an upright or a grand piano and don't already have some castor wheels, you'll find yourself in a difficult situation when the time comes to move your piano! Castor wheels are designed to fit onto the bottom of your piano to make transportation easier. These heavy duty wheels feature a 360-degree swivel and a brake.

Piano polish:

Having a clean instrument has a real impact on how well you practise. There are few things more distracting than playing a piano with fingerprints and coffee cup marks! You may also discover that giving your piano a good polish will provide you with a boost of motivation to start playing. Have you ever walked into a showroom and marvelled at how immaculate the various pianos are? People will now react in this manner when they enter your home.

BESTON Piano, 37 Keys

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE PRODUCT CONTAINS ONLY ONE SPEAKER. The right speaker is merely a display window. 38 Keys, 8 Tone Types, 8 Rhythm Types, 4 Percussion Types, 6 Demos, and Animal Sound Effect. Other features include the ability to record and play songs, control volume, and control tempo. By connecting a USB connection to any computer or even a power bank, it is simple to turn on. AMOUNT OF DIRECT DC POWER: Your mobile charger can also be used to turn it on so that it can run on DC power. Microphone (included) is mounted on the piano's back side.

PEZYOX Digital Piano

100 tones, 10 song banks, 5 drum pads, a basic tone option, a piano tone button, and an organ tone.

5 drum pads, easy-to-read LCD, and hitting a pad triggers the sound of the associated drum.

32 little keys, built-in grip for convenience when carrying,

Ten song bank tunes, melody on/off, one hundred tones, a maximum of eight notes of polyphony, fifty patterns, including five Indian rhythm patterns, speakers (dia x qty).

Piano Juarez Opus Key

Never before has playing the keyboard been so simple! This keyboard was created with novices and those seeking an introduction to the fascinating world of music in mind. All controls and buttons have been purposefully placed in a way that makes them all readily accessible, even to less-experienced artists. The keynotes stickers are created specifically to help you play by keeping your focus on the notes. It facilitates note learning and quickens critical memory. The keyboard piano bundle comes with note stickers that are simple to install and provide a visual cue as to which keys to press.

Piano in trinity keys

The Trinity HK-321 is a digital piano with a wide variety of rhythmic percussions and high-quality piano tones. It has 320 auto-accompanied rhythms and 147 instrument voices. Additionally, it has direct choose buttons and a localised panel with many practical features. Trinity HK-321 was specifically created with piano lovers and students' needs in mind. The teacher and student can converse on the same piano thanks to a specially built twin piano feature. The keys fit.

37 Keys MAGA MART Piano

MAGA MART offers a selection of fun toys for developing minds. Children's imaginations are sparked by this toy/toy set, which also provides hours of nonstop entertainment and educational opportunities. They are made to be lovable by children while also embracing a fun way to impart new knowledge.

Piano Shree 325 37 Key

Connect Your Mobile Charger to Play on DC Power with the 37 Keys. It is simple to turn on the power saving mode by connecting an Android mobile phone charger, a USB cable to any computer, or even a power bank. It enhances a child's motor skills, rhythmic sense, self-assurance, social skills, memory, and smiles.