Salwar Suits

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Salwar Suits

In South Asia and Central Asia, the shalwar kameez (also salwar kameez and less commonly shalwar qameez)[5][6] is a traditional combination dress worn by women and, in some regions, men.

Shalwars are a type of trouser that is unusually broad at the waist but narrows to a cuffed bottom. A drawstring or elastic belt keeps them in place, causing them to pleat around the waist. [4] The trousers can be either broad and baggy or cut very narrowly on the bias. Eastern Europe, West Asia, Central Asia, and South Asia are all places where shalwars are traditionally worn. A kameez is a long tunic or shirt. Below the waist, the side seams are left exposed.

Dusty green salwar kameez with pants

Without a doubt, this is one of the most exquisite dusty green salwar kameez on the market. It has an unmatched air of refinement and grace.
This pant-style salwar kameez is the ideal mix of fashion and expertise. This exquisite outfit's foundation is comprised of luxurious georgette.
When worn with the gorgeous matching dupatta, the ensemble's flowery Resham work embellishments are incredibly alluring.
The suit's exquisite flower embroidery pops against the dusty green fabric in a lovely way, and the fabric's texture is unique.

Brown Pant Style Suit in Chikoo

Surprisingly, the georgette fabric and chikoo brown colour work well together to create a truly elegant and delicate look. Given how unusual this colour is, it is amazing how beautiful it appears.
The round neckline of this stunning pant-style suit is really unusual and improves the overall appearance.
The floral-embroidered suit and coordinating dupatta are very stylish but also have a smooth feel and a charming appeal.
This stylish, elegant summer suit is deserving of a place in your summer collection and can be worn on a regular basis.

Maslin Peach Pant Suit in Fabric

Peach is a really attractive colour that suits all skin tones. You will get compliments on this stunning and fashionable peach pantsuit.
This pant-style outfit was created using maslin, a luxurious fabric in and of itself.
The ensemble is enhanced by the floral-patterned, translucent dupatta in the same hue.
Adding a flower to your hairstyle and wearing accessories that match will give you all you need to ace this peach-colored, pant-style suit made of maslin.

Orange Long Top with Fancy Pants, Embroidered

This gorgeous orange salwar suit adds a lot of drama and flair to your lovely assortment of ethnic clothing.
Thanks to this lovely embroidered set with a matching dupatta, it is no longer difficult to find clothing that is acceptable for any occasion and can also be worn on a regular basis.
Comfort is a vital component of this stylish long shirt and pant pair, which creates a sophisticated yet understated design statement.
Wear some understated tarnished jewellery with this orange dress to add some magic to the event.

Dark green palazzo suit with dupatta with Embroidery

With this gorgeous dark green palazzo suit, you may give your wardrobe a dash of regal vigour.
It is expertly made, with beautiful embroidery work, comes with a matching dupatta, and will make you stand out from the crowd.
The border of the suit is quite attractive and looks great.
You might use this regal shade to create a powerful fashion statement.

Pink Palazzo Suit with Classy Look and Embroidery

An absolute delight is a pink palazzo suit. You'll be able to sail through your summertime events in this lovely-hued palazzo suit.
The dupatta and 3/4-sleeve sleeves have beautiful dori and embroidered work.
Both the embroidery around the low-cut neckline and the neckline itself are stunning.
The lining is made of shantoon, while the core and base textiles are made of georgette. Both of these fabrics are of a somewhat high quality.

Matching-printed palazzo suit and dupatta

A white vision! Astonishing is the white georgette palazzo suit.
The embellishments on the outfit are meticulously designed and made.
The matching dupatta is profusely patterned to counterbalance the plain bottoms of the outfit.
Wearing this magnificent outfit will make you stand out at both daytime and evening activities.

Appreciative With Dupatta, Georgette Base Palazzo Suit

The georgette monochromatic maroon palazzo suit is ideal for evening events.
The full-sleeved palazzo suit is embroidered in exquisite golden embroidery.
The printed dupatta enhances the look of the outfit as a whole.
The bottom of the suit has been kept basic to avoid over-embroidery because understated ensembles are timeless.

Dark blue Palazzo Suit with a Georgette Base

Currently, palazzo pants are extremely trendy since they can be worn almost anyplace. This navy blue palazzo is the ideal outfit and a must-have outfit, so you may wear it to a formal or informal event.
This attractive outfit is enhanced by the quarter-length sleeves, which give it a more graceful appearance.
The dupatta that goes with the palazzo suit is as as beautiful as the rest of the outfit.
The slit-cut on this dress gives it a glittery appearance.