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A thermometer can be used to check your body temperature to see if you have a fever. A fever, or rise in body temperature, is usually caused by an infection. Though fevers are unpleasant, they are an indication that the body is fighting infection.An accurate reading of a person's temperature is a critical tool in illness management. Here are the various types of thermometers and how to use them, as well as information on when to contact your healthcare provider.

There are many different types of thermometers:

Digital thermometer:

A digital thermometer is the most accurate and time-efficient method of taking a temperature. Most drug stores and supermarket pharmacies stock digital thermometers. Its sensors convert temperature into a numeric value that is displayed digitally. These are some of the best digital thermometers because they provide accurate readings in decimal points.


This type of thermometer reads the infrared heat inside the ear to determine the temperature. To get the best results, make sure to place the tip correctly according to the instructions on the device. Ear thermometers can be quicker and easier to use for older babies and children. They are not, however, advised if your baby is three months or younger. They should not be used if your child has excessive earwax or an earache.

Temporal artery (forehead):

Forehead thermometers are also used to measure temperature, but they are less accurate than digital thermometers and are typically more expensive. They are attached to the temporal artery of the forehead and measure the infrared heat emitted by the head.

Digital thermometer Control D CDT01

To gauge body temperature, use a Control D Digital Thermometer. It is suitable for oxter, rectal, and oral measurement. This digital thermometer is excellent for both child and adult use because it is extremely accurate and precise. The result is extremely accurate thanks to the 60-second reading period. Beep sound, dual mode with options for Celsius and Fahrenheit, memory of the most recent result, auto shut-off for energy conservation, and a long battery life are just a few of the features.

Thermometer, MC-246 by OMRON

You won't have to make your child wait for too long with the thermometer in his mouth with this digital thermometer from Omron, which provides you with a safe and precise reading in just 60 seconds. The thermometer can be placed in the baby's mouth, underarm, or posterior and is waterproof.

Non-Mercury Waterproof Digital Thermometer

Measures actual temperature in degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit. a speedy measurement. Automatic shutoff Reliable and accurate 100% mercury-free after clinical testing Temperature displayed digitally

Digital Vandelay Thermometer

When you need temperature findings the most, get them quickly and conveniently. Within 0.2 degrees, the Vandelay Digital Thermometer gives precise readings. It's ideal for the entire family because it can be used as an adult oral thermometer, a rectal thermometer for newborns, or even under the arm for toddlers and youngsters. Additionally, it is waterproof for simple, thorough cleaning and includes an automated shut-off to prolong battery life.

Dr. Care 343 Thermometer for Food

Digital thermometer with sensor probe made of stainless steel Measures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius; simple LCD display for easy reading; batteries included; Perfect Kitchen Gadget

Thermometer with Flexible Tip

The body temperature of a person can be quickly and extremely accurately determined using this digital thermometer. The digital thermometer is designed to take regular body temperature readings from people of all ages either at home or in a medical setting. It can be used orally, rectally, or under the arm. Please read all directions before using this product to properly understand how it works and ensure years of dependable results.

Digital thermometer by Ozocheck

Ozocheck introduces a digital thermometer in green with a flexible tip for quick and easy fever checks. Temperature readings in both Celsius and fahrenheit can be seen on the display. With an automatic ON/OFF feature for greater battery life, the waterproof design.