Work Bags

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There is no one size fits all best workbag. Sometimes you need it to do everything at once: appear polished but not stuffy, fit running shoes and a laptop, and arrange all the random stuff you most surely don't need (books, kid's toys, even the occasional bottle of wine). Other times, you might just need a chic tote that can hold the necessities and be used for both the office and after-work cocktails. I alternate between a few bags, such as my Cuyana Easy Tote or Longchamp Le Pliage Tote on days when I don't need to carry as much, and my Dagne Dover backpack on days when I do (more on those below).

Workbag For Transportation

Editors of Strategist as well as readers all adore the Madewell Transport Tote.
so that I can sling it over my shoulder while donning a thick jacket that holds a laptop, water bottle, and all the things my children insist they want to play with but that I have to take home. That's all this bag is.

Zippered Work Bag

If you're concerned about unintentionally dropping something from an overstuffed tote, our favourite workbag from Madewell is now offered with a top zip. It has two separate sets of straps as well, including a removable shoulder strap that lets you wear it across your body and two short top handles.

Affordable Workbag

You could purchase this "super-affordable workbag" from Dreubea for the price of a Sweetgreen salad. Dianna Baros, who documents her life as a leading authority on thrifty clothes on her fashion blog the Budget Babe, suggests it.

Workbag With Compartments

Try this tote by Dagne Dover, which "fits all the needs" of high school assistant principal Jade Stenger, if you want a flexible bag with some real structure. She is confident that it will safely store her digital camera, work files, school materials, baby snacks, and her travel coffee tumbler.

Cabana Workbag Paravel

For a recent overseas trip, Adair Ilynsky, co-founder of the salon Tenoverten, initially purchased her Paravel purse in Domino Black. It became her go-to method for organising her belongings because it was so useful.

Traditional Easy Workbag

Until one unfortunate journey to the airport, when the strap of her "(admittedly overcrowded) tote tore off," former Strategist senior writer Karen Iorio Adelson was a faithful user of the Madewell Transport Tote.

Crossbody Tote Bag For Work

The Strategist's favourite workbag is Baggu's Duck bag for a variety of reasons. It includes top handles, a snap clasp, an adjustable strap that can be worn crossbody, and it is deep enough to fit a laptop and documents.