Coat Racks

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Coat Racks

A coatrack article is a Wikipedia article that deviates from its nominal subject and focuses on one or more related but tangential subjects. Typically, the article has been edited to emphasize a different point. The nominal subject serves as an unnoticed coat-rack, obscured by one or more "coats." A similar effect can occur when the original author of an article writes too much about background and loses sight of the title. In any case, the presence of a "hook" in a given article is no reason to "hang" irrelevant, excessive, or biased material there.

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Wood coat rack

One customer said they "still weren't expecting it to be so completely wooden, so good-looking, so stable and solid" after reading the product description. Another raved about the clothing rack's "great compact size (and you can make it shorter by leaving out one section if you need to), looks good (I chose the natural finish), no splinters thanks to the varnish, is sturdy and stable, AND it was extremely easy to assemble (without tools) with a very clear diagram and all."

Cteel coat rack

One reviewer says, "I hate coat trees that can't support the weight of multiple coats," adding, "This can hold all the weight in the world and then some." Another says, "Each 'limb' is rated at 11 pounds, with the entire rack rated at 50 pounds," and one reviewer who is buying this for the second time says, "The first one is still going strong in the entryway."

Coat rack for kids

For holding handbags, backpacks, and hats, this was just what I was seeking for, says one reviewer. One reviewer said, "We live in AZ so don't have much of a coat season, but I needed something to collect all the kids'stuff' when they ran in the door." A few other reviewers said that they purchased this with children in mind. One person notes that the lower "branches" are the ideal height for children to hang up their coats.

Coat rack for families

As one reviewer who was looking for a coat rack that could fit everything a family of six wore said: "This was one of the few racks that matched what I was looking for," many customers praise how well this coat rack worked for their family. is pretty dependable, attractive, and we can hang several coats up on it without worrying about it coming off the wall.

Coat rack for small spaces

Reviewers generally agree that this coat rack is perfect for compact rooms. For one user, it is wall-mounted. When it replaced our standing coat rack, it "saved us floor space," and because it only has five hooks, it also saves wall space. Another reviewer claims that "this was ideal solution especially when space is limited" since they were "weary of seeing coats on the back of chairs in the kitchen." And although being little, it can nevertheless hold a lot.

Coat rack for closets

A few reviewers claim that this four-hook coat rack fits their closet wonderfully. One reviewer was attempting to arrange their walk-in closet when they wrote the review. This one is the ideal size, looks beautiful, and I appreciate the three-prong hooks because I only had 17 inches to work with.

Coat rack with retractable hooks

One reviewer of this coat rack with retractable hooks claims that "people always wonder what it is when we have nothing hooked on it, and that right there is how nicely this product blends in." Another person claims that this coat rack's simple design has made them even more of a minimalist. They claim that the item is intelligently made, practical, and doesn't scream "Hey, here are some MORE hooks, since these people have too much stuff." The fact that the hooks look good when they are folded up tight against the frame is actually "teaching" us to put things away.

Rated (less expensive) coat rack

One reviewer who used this coat rack was able to do away with the dreaded catch-all chair. This was precisely what I wanted, it's wonderful, and I would absolutely recommend it, they write. "I was tired of putting stuff on a chair or my dining room table but didn't want to spend a lot of money." However, reviewers have identified uses for this in numerous other locations in addition to an entrance.