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Office Supplies

The availability of stationery goods is critical to the smooth operation of an office. From desk signs to solo file and magazine racks, they all contribute to the overall appearance of the office. To meet the ever-increasing demands of private and government offices, indiaonlineshoppingmart has developed a diverse range of office supplies. To meet the needs of buyers, the product price has been kept within a reasonable range. We recognise the significance of these products in fostering a positive work environment within the office. Some of the products we provide are as follows: -

Secure Official Documents :

indiaonlineshoppingmart new files and folders will help you keep your official documents safe. You will be able to plan your daily work in a cohesive manner once you learn to manage them with efficiency, planning, and organising things. Our goal at Moglix is to assist you in managing important documents that are important to your business. As a result, we provide a catalogue of filing products in a variety of colours, styles, and sizes. They have several compartments for cards, pens, CDs, calculators, and transparent compartments.

Enhance The Accuracy Levels:

Notebooks are necessary for noting down the important points that have been kept within a reasonable range in order to meet the needs of buyers. To meet the needs of buyers, the product price has been kept within a reasonable range. We also provide writing pads and printing papers on a daily basis for photocopies and printouts. Furthermore, we sell markers, pencil boxes, highlighters, pencils, pens, highlighters, globes, and pencil boxes. The use of these items is not limited to offices. They are also widely used in schools and colleges on a daily basis.

Folders and Files

Perfect for usage at work, on the road, at home, in meetings, or in schools. Keep things secure and organised. PU Leather file and folder for documents. 40 documents and certifications can be stored in this 100% top-of-the-line, PU Leather case. Your accessories are nicely organised in the interior pockets.

Office Organizers

Gift Kya It keeps track of the date year after year and is a wonderful Christmas present for both children and adults. The wooden table calendar with clock is perfect for a wall desk, teacher's office, or school. Permanent calendar ideal for business events; great for use in workplaces, by healthcare professionals, in cafes, and in restaurants. the classroom, library, office, living room, bedroom, dining room, and space for kids. The room of your choosing will look great with our wooden calendar there.

Holding a card

SUPER SLEEK, STYLISH, AND STURDY Stainless Steel Credit Card Holder You receive traditional, high-quality credit card holders made of slick stainless steel and solid, long-lasting construction. You'll adore the durability, appearance, and feel. Likewise, everyone everyone who views it will! PORTABLE AND EXTREMELY SLIM Your credit cards, debit cards, driver's licence, identification cards, and other credit card-sized cards are securely held in six sleeves.

Online pens

The use of the mysterious invisible ink pens is extensive. Perfect for wedding invites, kid's spy parties, making a fun party favour, and even checking dollar bills with a UV light. You may write anywhere with our invisible pen's ultraviolent ink, which is also a terrific gift for kids and friends. The light coming from the pen's back is used to read the hidden message, and it can also be used to spot false money. bundle of 6 spy pens Creative idea for birthday thank-you gifts


Why not become a unicorn? The most revered animal in modern times is the unicorn. Despite the fact that it was initially intended to be a beast, have you ever seen one in person? They are the cutest little creatures, with one horn, multicoloured bodies, and bodies covered in glitter. Surely everyone wants to be one? So be different and be a unicorn.

key rings

Keychains add a lot of elegance to keys by securely storing goods like room keys, door keys, automobile keys, entrance guard cards, and more that are used every day. You can attach them to your keys, work card, purses, backpack, pencil cases, or phone. Excellent and Cute Gift Options for Friends and Family.


Designer sheets for making your project beautiful and attractive with premium quality specially designed for school, college, project and craft work. Smooth surface and ruled line which makes it easy to write. Ideal for students as they find it attractive and convenient to write on beautiful designed sheets.