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eyeliner supplies

When it comes to cosmetics, eyeliner has the ability to instantly change your appearance. Many ladies are afraid to leave the house without one. One of the most crucial items in a beauty kit is eye liner. Correct use can give it a dramatic appearance. You can apply it along your waterline to give the appearance of wider eyes, over your top lid to make them appear brighter, or even all over your face to give the appearance of smoke. Many individuals use eye liner, therefore it is a good idea to learn how to apply it yourself. You can improve your already gorgeous appearance in this method! You've come to the right place if you're having trouble deciding which type to utilise.

crayon eyeliner

Eyeliner pencils are the most popular type of eyeliner used by women. They are rather easy to use and come in a variety of colours. An analogous device to a kohl stick is a pencil. Because you can also use it to make your waterline darker, it is incredibly inexpensive. The greatest choice if you love the smeared, smokey effect is an eye pencil! The fundamental guidelines for using an eyeliner pencil are identical to those for ordinary pencil use. You may always watch a tutorial or how-to video on applying eyeliner if you're having problems. To begin, raise your head, place the pencil to the side of your face, and align it with your eyelid.

Eyeliner Gel

The simplest way to begin eyelining is using gel-based eyeliners applied with brushes. You can choose from a variety of styles, and once applied, they are quite simple to waterproof. The finest liquid eyeliner to use if you want a more dramatic effect is one that has an angled brush. You can easily draw anything from a small line to a large cat eye because you have control over how thin or thick the eyeliner is made. Gel eyeliner mastery can be intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it, you can use it like an expert.

Eyeliner, liquid

Because you need to be an experienced at using a little brush, applying liquid liner is a little trickier. Applying it on your skin before applying makeup is recommended. Many people are unfamiliar with how to apply liquid eyeliners. When used, it may appear disorganised. The art of drawing thin or thick eyeliner lines may be mastered, though, provided you know the appropriate technique. Applying requires that you first apply a light coat of primer or concealer to the eyelids. After that, touch the eyeliner under your eyes with your ring finger. If you want a thin line, you can do this at an upward angle; if you want a thick line, you can do it at a downward angle.

  Sketch pan eyeliner

Use a sketch pen eyeliner if you want an eyeliner that behaves more like a marker than a pen. Fine-point nibs for sketch pen eyeliners make them exceedingly simple to use, especially for beginners. They are also incredibly helpful and come in a range of colours. The waterproofness of the sketch pen eyeliners is a fantastic quality that is uncommon among eyeliner pens. Eyeliners made with sketch pens are simple to use and maintain. To get the ideal line while applying classic pen-style eyeliner, you need a lot of experience and expertise. The sketch pen eyeliners, on the other hand, only require you to twirl the pen and softly glide it over your lash line.

Eyeliners with Felt Tips

These combine the use of liquid and pencil eyeliners. Felt tip eyeliners are frequently extremely pigmented and long-lasting. These work well for creating cat-eye appearances or extremely thin lines. You can use your bathroom mirror to apply this kind of liner, advises Ariane Poole. Turn your head back until you can see your nostrils. Tap the pen's tip along the base of your upper lashes while holding it horizontally. This method gives the appearance of longer eyelashes.

Eyeliner Stick Waterproof

One of Stila's most popular eyeliners is this one. The Smudge Sticks come in a range of colours and don't budge once applied. They contain hydrating components that make sure the colour applies easily and without straining or tugging. The liner won't budge or fade thanks to the waterproof composition.