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It's important to have a collection of beauty essentials that will enable you to create a go-to everyday look, regardless of your level of makeup experience or how long you've been experimenting with cosmetics. After learning the fundamentals of makeup, it becomes much simpler to add fun or current makeup items to your collection and use them in your beauty looks.

face primer

While some people do not consider face primer to be important, for me, it is an essential step in my makeup procedure. Face primers' precise effects on your skin and makeup can differ, but generally speaking, their major goal is to maintain your skin's smoothness and your makeup's freshness throughout the day. There is a primer for every skin type, whether you're searching for a formula to manage oil production and/or acne, moisturise, even out texture, correct colour, etc.


The hardest part of applying makeup is choosing the foundation because you have to take into account your skin type, undertones, and desired level of coverage (sheer/natural, medium, or full).
I would strongly advise visiting your local Sephora, MAC, or department store and asking a makeup artist for help choosing a foundation that complements your complexion and meets your coverage requirements if you are new to wearing it or are unsure of what type or shade is best for you. You should also ask for a sample if you want to test a product on your skin before buying it.


Concealer is a need whether you suffer from acne, dark undereye circles, or any other type of discoloration. Depending on how much you want to conceal, concealers come in full-coverage and sheerer-coverage formulations; you should choose one of these.
For the most natural appearance, select a concealer shade that is as similar as possible to the colour of your foundation or BB cream.


Blush may significantly improve the way you look, thus I personally never skip using it throughout my makeup regimen. Blush is especially important if you're wearing a foundation that provides more opaque coverage, as this can occasionally make your skin look a little bit flat. Blush is available in powder, gel, and cream forms, with the powder version being the most widely used. However, cream blush and gel blush have also grown in popularity recently.


Speaking of highlights, I had to include highlighters on this list! Highlighters are available in many different forms, including powder, cream, liquid, stick, and hybrid powder/cream. Although each of these forms has a variety of advantages, I suggest sticking with powder or stick for beginners because they are the simplest to use. Apply highlighter sparingly over the bridge of your nose, the tips of your cheekbones, your cupid's bow, and just below your eyebrows for my foolproof application technique.

Setting Powder/Spray

Setting spray or powder serves to keep your makeup in place all day, much like face primer does. There are several formulations available based on the finish you want (matte, radiant, etc.) and any skin care advantages you want your setting spray or powder to have (e.g. moisturizing, oil-absorbing, etc.). But don't skip this step if you want your makeup to last!

eye primer

Before I started using eye primer, my eye makeup would literally be almost completely gone in two or three hours.
A good eye primer should have a formulation that keeps colours looking true to how they should all day long in addition to preventing your eye makeup from slipping off, fading, and creasing.


Eyeshadow is, along with highlighter, my favourite cosmetic item, mostly because there are so many various shades, finishes, and applications for it. Personally, I prefer to purchase individual eyeshadows rather than eyeshadow palettes because I don't have to worry about overspending on colours I won't use. (For particular product recommendations, see our guide to the best eyeshadows.)
However, I would absolutely consider purchasing one of the Urban Decay Naked Palettes, all of which are excellent for beginners, if I didn't already own identical single tones.


Mascara comes in a plethora of different formulas that lengthen, thicken, and curl your eyelashes, and it has a wonderful way of tying your eye look together. For the most part, black mascara works well, but if your lashes are really light in colour, you might want to consider choosing a brown mascara for a more natural appearance. Benefits Bad Gal Lash will always be my go-to mascara. Over the years, I've given so many a shot, and I keep going back to it. It has the loudest volume.


There is no denying that lipstick is having a significant moment right now, whether you choose a liquid or bullet formula or a glossy, satin, or matte finish. Beginners should start with a lip colour that is similar to their natural lip colour because it is the simplest to apply and remove. Once you've mastered that, it's wise to choose a timeless red that fits with everything so you may wear it to class or on special occasions. Try a glossy or lip balm formula for a softer look or a matte recipe for a more glitzy appearance.


To ensure that your brushes last you years with regular cleaning and good storage, be sure to look for high-quality brushes from companies like MAC and Sephora Collection. A face brush for applying foundation, a smaller, fluffy angled brush for putting blush or bronzer on the cheeks, a fan brush for applying highlighter, a fluffy powder brush for applying finishing powder or bronzer all over your face, and a simple eyeshadow blender brush are all brushes to search for. See our list of the most important makeup brushes for additional information.