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History books

History (from the Greek o - historia, which means "inquiry, knowledge gained through investigation") is the discovery, collection, organisation, and presentation of information about past events. History can also refer to the time period following the invention of writing. Historians are historians who write about history. It is a field of study that examines and analyses the sequence of events through the use of a narrative, and it sometimes attempts to investigate objectively the patterns of cause and effect that determine events. Historians argue about the nature of history and its utility. This includes discussing the study of the discipline as an end in itself as well as a means of providing "perspective" on current problems.Stories that are common to a culture but are not supported by external sources are usually classified as cultural heritage rather than the "disinterested investigation" required by the discipline of history. Prehistory refers to events that occurred before the written record.

Indian History today

This book, created for those aiming for the civil services, covers the Modern Indian History course (Preliminary and Main). The book is intended to be an all-encompassing manual that completely covers both the goal syllabus and facts for the preliminary exam under one roof. Additionally, the book offers thorough, in-depth analysis for the Main Exam. Practice questions from prior years have also been included to help hopefuls stay on track and focused during their study. Thus, the book offers a solution for candidates who have been unable to find comprehensive and exam-focused knowledge for a broad subject like Modern Indian History in a single source.

History of general knowledge

The authors of the book "General Knowledge History," which covers all aspects of general historical awareness, are experts from coaching facilities renowned for offering the top-notch competitive abilities, step-by-step direction, and comprehensive knowledge needed to pass civil service examinations. It includes current information about History (India and World). This book meets the specific requirements of candidates for numerous entrance tests as well as competitive exams. The book not only raises awareness about the issue but also gives comprehensive details.

India after independence

With the UPSC placing more emphasis on this period of Indian history, this book offers extensive knowledge on Post-Independence India that is also examination-focused. The book concentrates on exam-relevant material and provides a precise yet extremely helpful preparation tool for the UPSC and state services examinations. The chapters are organised in a deeply chronological and narrative-like fashion to make for an engaging read and simple recall. The format is straightforward and student-friendly.

M.A. Guide for History Entrance Exams

The current book was specifically created for candidates for the University of Delhi's MA (History) Entrance Exam. The book includes the most recent practise material in the form of answered multiple-choice questions to help you become familiar with the kinds of questions you'll see on the exam and to help you understand the answers better. The book is highly advised to improve your problem-solving abilities through extensive practise of the many questions presented in the book, and to get you ready to successfully face the exam.

Indian History today

This book, intended for Civil Services candidates, completely covers the Modern Indian History section of the exam syllabus (General Studies Paper – Preliminary and Main). In-depth analysis is provided for the main exam, and the book is supposed to be an all-inclusive guide that covers data for the preliminary exam. To aid readers in understanding and remembering the progression of historical events, the book is split into 7 Units and 5 Appendices with a chronological narrative.

Perfect Notes and Workbook for Civics and History

Target Publications' Std. 7th Perfect History-Civics, Geography Notes and Workbook Combo, English Medium (MH Board) is a lively entrée into the world of active learning. According to the "Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation" (CCE) system, both books in this combo have been painstakingly put together. In order to make the educational process entertaining and fascinating, we put the Class 7th pupils at the centre of the production of this combo.

History and Civics Application for ICSE

For the Grade 10 Semester-wise Examinations to be held in the academic term 2022–2023, History & Civics Grade 10 has been meticulously produced in conjunction with ICSE Study Material. Important Details: chapter overview Important Dates & Schedule The most recent ICSE Board exam question bank 3 Self-review tests with solutions Practice inquiries with solutions Practice Papers for the Internal Assessment of the ICSE

An Overview Of Time

Stephen Hawking, unquestionably one of the greatest minds ever to have lived, takes the reader on a mind-blowing journey through the cosmos, from the big bang to the big crunch, from the nature of forces to the edges of multiple dimensions, from quarks to the entangled theory of strings, through wormholes, encircling event horizons, along the arrow of time, and ultimately leaving him on the edge of the universe with his theories on the grand unification of forces Being a brilliant physicist, Hawking creates a startlingly simple anatomy of the complex cosmos using an elegantly written language of physics and mathematics, making even a nonscientific person understand some of the most complex ideas in the universe.

My Battle

Hitler's Mein Kampf is presented by Sawan from Biographis of Great Personalities. Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler's political platform (German for "My Struggle"). It was the only book Hitler ever finished, and the Third Reich in Germany considered it to be the word of God for National Socialism. It was initially released in two volumes in 1925 and 1927, and then in a condensed form in 1930. By 1939, it had been published 5,200,000 times and was available in 11 different languages. Hitler was detained at Landsberg am Lech in Bavaria following the abortive Beer Hall Putsch of 1923, where he wrote Die Abrechnung.