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Indian Literature Books

India has a distinct literary history and tradition dating back more than 3,000 years. Although Indian English literature has a relatively short history, it is rich in award-winning and critically acclaimed masterpieces that no book lover should miss. To get you started on your reading journey, we've compiled a list of books by Indian authors who have had a significant impact on the development of the country's literature.

White Tiger:

Arvind Adiga's debut novel, which won the Man Booker Prize, was widely praised for its fresh perspective on social class disparities and contradictions in contemporary India. The storey is told in the first person by Balram Halwai, a young man from a poor small village who moves to Delhi to work as a chauffeur for the elite.

Nectar In A Sieve:

Shashi Tharoor's satirical novel recreates the Hindu epic Mahabharata within the context of the Indian Independence Movement and the decades that followed, becoming one of the most exciting reads in contemporary Indian literature. Tharoor's work, which recasts figures from India's freedom struggle and politics as mythological characters from a 2,000-year-old epic, is a powerful read regardless of your familiarity with the country.

Train To Pakistan:

Khushwant Singh's historical Indian book, published in 1956, was widely praised for bringing a human perspective to the partition of British India into India and Pakistan. While most accounts of the partition at the time were primarily political in nature, Singh recounted the event in terms of human loss and horror. Train to Pakistan is a must-read for anyone interested in Indian literature or history.

Classical Indian Literature

BEGC-101 Topics in Indian Classical Literature Covered in Block 1 Vyas: Mahabharata Block 3 Kalidasa: Abhijnana Shakuntala Block 2 Sudraka: Cilappatikaran Mrichchhakatika Block 4 SUMMARY Chapter 1 Abhijnana Shakuntala Chapter 2 of Kalidasa Mahabharata Chapter 3, Vyas Mrichchhakatika Chapter 4 in Sudraka Cilappatikaran Question papers in total ( Tortal-4, Solved-2, Unsolved-2) Model Paper-I Paper Sample II Paper-I and Paper-II by Guess BEGC-102 TOPICS COVERED IN European Classical Literature Block 1 Homer: Block 2 of The Iliad. Oedipus Rex Block 3 by Sophocles Plautus:

A Padma Nadir Majhi Classic Novel

In his 1936 book Padma Nadir Majhi, andopadhyay tells the tale of a group of impoverished fisherman who live on the banks of the River Padma in a made-up village called Ketupur in modern-day Bangladesh. The lives of the fishing community, who are reliant on the river for fish, serve as the book's main theme. A struggling fisherman named Kuber is the focus of the book. He lives on the outskirts of Ketupur alongside other members of the fishing community as the sole provider for his wife, daughter, and two kids. He befriends Hossain Miya, a local businessman suspected of human trafficking and other illegal crimes, as part of his daily struggle for life.

The Book by Bloomsbury

Great Indian Love Poems, meticulously chosen and edited by master anthologist Abhay K., brings you the fragrant wine of Indian love poetry written over the course of three millennia in a variety of languages by talented poets like Kalidasa, Mirabai, Bhratrihari, Jayadeva, Silhana, Surdas, Bihari, Muddupalani, Bhavabhuti, Venmaniputti, Vidyapati, and Bilhana, to Drink it gently, one stanza at a time, to appreciate its depth, richness, scent, and flavour.

Indian Literature from a Comparative Perspective

The book discusses some important texts and ideas in Indian literature. A handful of the critical evaluations are biassed in comparison. With reference to specific texts, writers like Gandhi, Raja Rao, M.R. Anand, R.K. Narayan, Ruth Jhabvala, Kamala Markandaya, Sri Aurobindo, and V. Satyanarayana are explored.

Literature about Black Indians in America

This project examines topics of country, culture, and performativity and is the first book-length examination of the figure of the Black Indian in American Literature. Byars-Nichols re-centers a marginalised group and defies preconceptions and conventional ways of thinking about race and culture as she transitions from the Post-Independence era to the Contemporary era.

English literature from India

It is hoped that both instructors and students would find the book to be of great value since the majority of the authors featured in the current Volume for debate are prescribed in the English syllabus in the various Indian Universities. It will even be thought-provoking to general readers who are interested in English literature.